In late October, 90 sticks of dynamite were meticulously placed and detonated on the last of 35 old wind turbine foundations at the Danish Klim wind farm in North Jutland. The old turbines were sold for reuse in other countries, such as Italy, the USA and Ireland, but close to 13,000 tonnes of foundation concrete from the site will be reused locally for road materials. Three hundred and fifty tonnes of reinforcement iron will be melted for reuse. When Klim wind farm will be completed in late 2015, it will be highest producing onshore wind farm in Denmark. The farm will have 22 Siemens 3.2 MW wind turbines that are much more efficient than the old 600 kW turbines and provide 64,000 households with renewable electricity from 2016. Vattenfall owns 21 of the turbines.

Twisted metal and rubble at the site of Klim wind farm following detonation.

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