SWEDEN Wind power generation can be improved and the wear-and-tear in turbines reduced using more effective measurement technology. This new technology is currently being installed in 69 of Vattenfall's onshore wind turbines in Sweden and Denmark, which is estimated to lead to a two per cent increase in production output.

Wind turbines that not are pointing fully into the wind flow direction results in production losses and increased strain and wear-and-tear on the turbines. 

The new Spinner Anemometer technology measures the wind flow at the spinner nose cone, in front of the rotor where the wind flow is relatively calm, which provides significantly better measurement results compared to previous technology where the measurement equipment is mounted behind the rotor blades and is disturbed by wind noise.



100 GWh
"Our field tests of the measuring technology have proven very successful and while a two percent increase in production may sound small, it will ensure a very important additional supply of renewable wind power. Hypothetically for instance a two per cent increase in Vattenfall's wind power generation corresponds to 100 GWh or electricity used by 4,000 to 5,000 households," explains Karl Bergman, Vattenfall's Head of Research in the Nordic region.

Great potential
The technology will be initially installed in 69 onshore wind turbines in Denmark and Sweden.

"The potential is huge and there is no reason for us not to install the technology in our offshore wind turbines," says Karl Bergman who does not disclose how much Vattenfall has invested in the new technology.

"We have collaborated with the solution provider during the testing phase of the technology, and this work has been ongoing for a long time," he explains.

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